My name is Lysanne, and I am the president of ESN Zwolle. I am a Dutchie, but I was born in Belgium. I got to know ESN when I did my Erasmus in Barcelona. ESN made me feel welcome and I met many beautiful people during those activities. When I returned to the Netherlands, I wanted to give the same experience to students coming to Zwolle. So that’s why I started as a buddy for team clogs last year, and this year, I am president of the best board imaginable.


A little bit about myself: I am studying to become a history teacher. I am in my third year right now, so hit me up for cool history facts! In my free time, I love to ride my motorcycle, go to concerts or festivals, work out and play guitar. Together with my board, we hope to give you a fantastic time in Zwolle.

Vice President / Secretary

My name is Julieta, but I go by Juli to anyone who knows me. I am 19 and the new Vice President / Secretary of ESN Zwolle!

I was born and raised in Argentina, but I moved four years ago to Barcelona and decided to study sustainable business here in Zwolle. This is my second year at Windesheim!

I’m so excited to be working with a new female international board. We are planning a fun semester for you all! 

A little more about me: I love music, singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. I am getting into production a lot more and frustratedly wish for a future in music.
I have a strange addiction to flowers, especially sunflowers. 
ESN is making me share moments and gather memories with people worldwide, and I am the happiest! I am here to help and support you if you ever need anything.

Treasurer and Partnership Manager

I am Sarah, and I’m happy to introduce myself as your new Treasurer and Partnership Manager at ESN Zwolle! A little bit about me and why I’ve joined this fantastic community. 


I come from Ecuador and have been calling the Netherlands home for four years. As an international student, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to adapt to a new country. I’m passionate about helping fellow students feel at ease in their temporary homes.


As your Treasurer, I’ll be handling the finances of ESN Zwolle, ensuring we make the most of our resources. As Partnership Manager, I’ll search for fantastic collaborations and deals that benefit the international student community in Zwolle. I can’t wait to meet all of you and embark on this exciting journey together! Let’s make unforgettable memories and create a home away from home!

Communication coordinator and Marketing manager


My name is Inês. I am 20, from Portugal, and a third year of GPCM. 


I am the current communication coordinator and marketing manager of ESN Zwolle, and I am excited to work with all the students and buddies. I love my little ESN family, aka my feminine, international queer board. 


My favourite place in the world is Porto, where I came from. I value the time with my friends and family, especially when I go out to chill at the park, swim and enjoy the sunlight with friends, take a book and watch the sunset.


As the communication coordinator, I will get feedback from students/buddies, email you all the information you need to know to have a smooth experience in Zwolle and let you know about our events. As the marketing manager, I will be taking care of all the promotion of events and partnerships. 


I am excited to meet you all, and I honestly hope that all of you have an excellent time full of beautiful memories with ESN Zwolle. 

Activity coordinator

I am Maria-Tiyana (but everyone knows me as Mia), 19 years old from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I have been living in Zwolle since last year when I enrolled in the GPCM. So far, I have been loving every second of it.


I consider myself a very active and adventurous person. My hobbies vary among and above all, connecting with people and sharing experiences.

I am very happy to be the Activity Coordinator of ESN Zwolle for this year. Therefore, I would advise you to look out for all of the exciting activities that my Activity committee and I have prepared for you.


I wish us all a wonderful ESN year, and I can’t wait to get to know you.